Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Noise Pollution showcase on ARTxFM

Brian Manley, host of the local/regional music program CLUB EL RANCHO on ARTxFM, was kind enough to invite members of some Noise Pollution bands on to his show last Sunday to discuss their new albums.  Stephanie Gary and Becca Lindsay of Julie of the Wolves, Ben Herning of The Teeth and Duncan Cherry of Straight A's shot their mouths off in between cuts from each of their new records along with some other choice cuts from the NP catalog.  Follow the link below to listen to the archived show.  You can check out CLUB EL RANCHO every Sunday at 8pm on  Tons of great jam every week.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

JULIE OF THE WOLVES record release

JULIE OF THE WOVES will be celebrating the release of their debut 9 song LP "Create/Destroy" on Friday, November 1st at the Zanzabar.  The great Twenty First Century Fox opens.  LPs will be on sale for $12.  Check out their awesome new video for the title track.

THE TEETH return this weekend!

THE TEETH play their first show back after a brief hiatus as part of October edition of the CHIME music series.  They will be sharing the bill with Louisville's best party band JUANITA along with BLACK KASPAR and ANDY MATTER & TEN WET DOLLARS.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pre-Orders for STRAIGHT A's "Humility the Hard Way"

Pre-orders are now up and running for the new STRAIGHT A's LP "Humility the Hard Way."  It's available as a straight digital release or in LP format (which also includes a digital version).  With your pre-order, you will receive an immediate download of the track "Yes I'm Calling You a Liar."  So get on it!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Fall 2013 Lineup

ASM A TIK is a newish Louisville band featuring Nathan Smallwood (Straight A's) on 10-string Warr guitar, Sean Roberts (Straight A's) on drums and Brian Foor (previously of Gaj Mustafa Cell and the Brian Foor Orchestra aka FOOR) on keys and sax. The trio takes its influences from 70's German jazz, film music, Crimson-esque prog, new wave and punk.  ASM A TIK, in collaboration with Noise Pollution, will be giving away a FREE 3 song demo CD when they play this year's Cropped Out festival.  The demo will be packaged in mini-reel to reel tape boxes that will include the CD plus other goodies.  There will only be a limited run of the demo's physical copy, but it will be available after Cropped Out as a free download on our website.

STRAIGHT A's will be returning after a nearly two year absence with the release of their second album Humility the Hard WayHumility is a 15 song LP on yellow/orange vinyl that continues to expand on the unique sound established by the A's on their previous LP Self Help and split 7" with Prideswallower.  The amazing cover art was drawn by Carrie Neumayer and colored by the A's Andrew Padon. The release show will be at The Mag Bar (1398 S 2nd St.) on Saturday, Oct. 12 with new post-punk outfit XOX opening.  Doors at 9:30.  $5 cover.  Welcome back, fellas.

And finally, we're very pleased to announce that we will be releasing the debut album from JULIE OF THE WOLVES titled Create/Destroy.  We've worked with the members of JULIE OF THE WOLVES in past bands Minnow, Second Story Man, Madame Machine and Venus Trap, so it really is a pleasure for us to get a chance to work with these fine folks again.  JULIE played their first show in March of 2012 and have been busy playing out since with such bands as Black God, Old Baby, Freakwater, The Debauchees, Dane Waters, Parlour and more.  This 9 song album was recorded with  Trip Barriger at Treehouse Audio and was mastered by Brian Lueken at Decibel Mastering.  Cover art was created by JULIE OF THE WOLVES' own Carrie Neumayer.  The album release will take place at Zanzabar (2100 S Preston St.) on Friday, November 1st with TWENTY FIRST CENTURY FOX.  The band also just created their tumblr page which you can check out here.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

THE TEETH - Brennschluss

Finally, the long gestating sophmore album from THE TEETH is set for release.  Brennschluss is an 11 song LP recorded by Jason Hayden and mastered by Carl Saff.  It's been a long wait for new material from The Teeth, 2009's "Clatter & Jive" 7inch was their most recent release, but all kinds of awesome weirdness abounds on the new album to make amends for their extended absence.  Saturday, May 25th is the release show which will be held at Lisa's Oak Street Lounge (1004 Oak St.).  Music is at 10pm and the cover is $5.  Asm A Tik opens with another TBA.

We passed an advance copy of the album to our old buddy Joe Stumble for an early review.  Some may remember Joe from his excellent (now defunct) blog Last Days of Man on Earth.  Anyway, here's his take on Brennschluss:

So The Teeth have congealed into something much more focused than on their debut album "In Minutes" from 2007 and the results are pretty damn epic. Kinda like the oozing silver ectoplasmic cyber-goo in Terminator II congealing into a T-1000 force of vengeance and virulence. The new Teeth LP builds upon the same science as the prior release but throws the T-800 model into the vats. And they quote Dee Snyder while doing it just to make the point more clear. And what is the point? Hell if I know. These guys aren’t Billy Joel for fucks-sake. Take some time and figure it out.

Really, I saw this one coming. It was apparent to me that The Teeth were evolving into something more focused on the “Clatter and Jive” 7inch they managed to release between “In Minutes” and “Brennschluss.” All I had to do was sit and wait for this delicious platter to drop in my lap, all oozy and ectoplasmic, and listen as it forms into an ever shifting, audiophonic, killing machine. From the punky choogle of Red Cloud Fog Or Die, to the laconic no-wave of Sergeant Phoster and over to the spy movie weirdness of Woody Allen Stole My Baby, “Brennschluss” is a sequel that bests the original and it doesn’t need to resort to special effects trickery or hamstrung melodrama either.

Instead, “Brennschluss” simply builds upon the band's already solid foundations. It meanders a bit. The guitars noodle a bit. The songs are a bit formless. This is a Louisville thing dating at least back to The Endtables and if noodly plucking isn’t on the menu for you, it’s probably the wrong town. But where 2007’s album "In Minutes" seemed a bit stuck in a recent lo-fi past, “Brennschluss” is timeless. An instant local classic. On par with Your Food, Verktum and all the other noodly Louisville geniuses of ages gone by. A welcome addition to anyone’s record collection for sure.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


The formidable force that was Jon Cook exited this planet yesterday (he was an f'n UFO, after all). Jon's body of work with CRAIN, CEREBELLUM, EXPERIMENTAL POLLEN and many more is simply undeniable with its awesomeness. Thanks, Jon. And rest easy.


We are very sad to report the news of the passing of Tom Dillander of Palamino Records. For the past several years we have pressed all of our records with Tom. We were always amazed that someone who spent countless hours day in and day out pressing records would still want to show us around everytime we visited and talk excitedly about all the new custom color viny combinations he had come up with. His enthusiasm and good cheer were infectious. We'll miss you, Tom.
photo by Ben Parrott