Friday, September 24, 2010

Rodan, Endpoint and Shipping News shirts

Shirtkiller is now selling Endpoint, Rodan and Shipping News shirts as a fundraiser for Jason Noble. Hit the link up to check them out. And speaking of Rodan, music blog Sweet Georgia Breezes just posted a completely boss video of Rodan performing their epic "The Everyday World of Bodies" from way back in 1994.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chime Hours EP now available

The debut CDep from CHIME HOURS is now available through our website and at EarXtacy. All proceeds from this release will go to assist Jason Noble and his family with their medical expenses. Chime Hours is comprised of grizzled Louisville veterans from bands such as Hedge, By the Grace of God, Straight A's, OUT., etc. Six blistering tracks for six bucks and all for a good cause. Check it!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Second Story Man shirts

Second Story Man has new t-shirts available exclusively at Dot Fox (1567 Bardstown Rd.). Illustration by Jonathan Hawpe and design by Jeremy Irvin.

Shipping News - Take a Deep Breath

Shipping News has posted the unreleased 2003 song "Take A Deep Breath" as a Digital Single. It was written during the "Flies The Fields" sessions - and has only been presented previously as a free audio stream on their myspace. The proceeds from this track will go to the Red Cross / Red Crescent disaster relief fund in Pakistan.

"As you know - many nations have experienced terrible losses this year... Haiti and Chile have been working to recover from devastating natural disasters. The situation in Pakistan is a very drastic, and an enormous humanitarian effort is underway. The Red Cross / Red Crescent is on the ground in all these places - and we hope you will feel comfortable making a contribution with the $2 purchase of this unreleased Shipping News song."

For more information:

Straight A's to play Cropped Out fest

Straight A's will be playing the exciting new music fest Cropped Out this year which is being organized by Ryan Davis and James Ardery. Here's their press release for the fest followed by the full lineup/schedule:

Cropped Out is a locally and independently developed music festival set to take place in Louisville, KY on the first weekend of October 2010. The fest is designed to highlight the creative efforts of Louisville natives, friends, family, and fellow thinkers from Nashville to Chicago to Brooklyn and beyond.

Since the earliest baby breaths of punk from within the walls of the now-defunct Louisville School of Art in the late ‘70s, from local proto-punks like No Fun, Babylon Dance Band, and the recently re-issued Endtables, it is no secret that Louisville’s cultural contributions have long served as a significant influence on national underground art and music scenes. One must not forget, we are still a force with which to be reckoned. This festival, specifically, intends to celebrate a renewed sense of enthusiasm about Kentucky’s cultural offerings by pairing a few of our favorites from the Derby City with similarly exciting examples handpicked from around the country.

For one weekend, Cropped Out aims to celebrate a select fistful of contemporary musicians, artists, and artisans whom we feel reflect a greater undercurrent of sonic, visual, and conceptual exploration. It is our intention for the festival to turn heads, if only for one weekend, toward the talents of those often omitted, overlooked, or cropped out of “the big picture.” These are the minds most interesting to us, the minds most capable of emerging from and quickly returning to their lightlessness, if only to be briefly met by a niche appreciation. Aside from a pleasantly temperate and generally fun fall weekend, free of any injury or legal conflict, it is our primary goal to award these artists with the opportunity to be seen, heard, and ultimately, to prevail

KINGFISH (3021 Upper River Rd.)

Fielded (Chicago, IL) 8-8:30
Sapat (Louisville, KY) 9-9:40
Julianna Barwick (Brooklyn, NY) 10-10:40
The Phantom Family Halo record release show (Louisville, KY) 11-11:40
Moon Duo (San Francisco, CA) 12-12:45

AMERICAN TURNERS (3125 Upper River Rd.)

The Highlife (Brooklyn, NY/Chicago, IL) 4-4:30
Rabble Rabble (Chicago, IL) 4:50-5:20
LUSHES (Brooklyn, NY) 5:40-6:10
Slow Horse (Chicago, IL) 6:30-7
Prideswallower (Louisville, KY) 7:20-7:50
Wishgift (Chicago, IL) 8:10-8:40
Straight A’s (Louisville, KY) 9 9:40
Parlour (Louisville, KY) 10:05-10:45
CAVE (Chicago, IL) 11:10-11:45
Young Widows (Louisville, KY) 12:05-12:50
Pissed Jeans (Philadelphia, PA) 1:10-2

AMERICAN TURNERS (3125 Upper River Rd.)

Alex Barnett (Chicago, IL) 1:45-2
Learner Dancer (Indianapolis, IN) 2:15-2:40
Nzambi (Louisville, KY) 2:55-3:20
SKIMASK (Boston, MA) 3:35-4
DAD (Chicago, IL) 4:15-4:45
Geffika (Chicago, IL) 5:05-5:35
Life Partner (Louisville, KY/Chicago, IL) 6-6:30
Natural Geographic (Louisville, KY) 6:50-7:20
MEAH! (Chicago, IL) 7:40-8:10
PC Worship (Brooklyn, NY) 8:30-9:10
CACAW (Chicago, IL) 9:30-10:10
Ga’an (Chicago, IL) 10:30-11:15

AMERICAN TURNERS (3125 Upper River Rd.)

Brett Sova (Chicago, IL) 3:05-3:30
Sean Walsh & The National Reserve (Brooklyn, NY) 3:50-4:20
Heavy Cream (Nashville, TN) 4:40-5:10
Animal City (Chicago, IL) 5:30-6
Idiot Glee (Lexington, KY) 6:20-6:50
Warmer Milks (Lexington, KY) 7:10-7:40
Rude Weirdo (Louisville, KY) 8-8:30
FLIGHT (Taylor, MS) 8:50-9:25
Golden Boys (Austin, TX) 9:45-10:20
JEFF The Brotherhood (Nashville, TN) 10:40-11:20
Magik Markers (Brooklyn, NY) 11:40-12:40

AMERICAN TURNERS (3125 Upper River Rd.)

Softcheque (Louisville, KY) 12:25-12:55
Reading Group (Louisville, KY) 1:10-1:35
Gangly Youth (Louisville, KY) 1:50-2:15
Spectre Folk (Brooklyn, NY) 2:35-3:05
Tinsel Teeth (Providence, RI) 3:25-3:55
PUJOL (Nashville, TN) 4:15-4:45
Giving Up (Garner, IA) 5:05-5:40
State Champion (Louisville, KY/Chicago, IL) 5:55-6:30
Catherine Irwin (Louisville, KY) 6:45-7:20
Spider Bags (Chapel Hill, NC) 7:40-8:20
King Kong (Louisville, KY) 8:40-9:20
Sic Alps (San Francisco, CA) 9:40-10:35

Young Scamels news

Earxtacy will be hosting a listening party for The Young Scamels CD "The Tempest" on Tuesday, September 21st at 6pm. For those of you unaware here's the lowdown on The Young Scamles via their Facebook page:

The Young Scamels are Christian Frederickson, Greg King & Jason Noble. The band was created in 2007 for a production of Shakespeare’s "The Tempest" at Actors Theatre of Louisville. The album collects music that was played live during forty one performances of the show.

The Young Scamels “Tempest” album combines classical, electronic and punk music... including banging on scuba tanks, bells and gongs when suggested. The album features the work of vocalist Amber Estes (Liberation Prophecy / Invaders) and drummer Kyle Crabtree (Shipping News / Shannonwright). The limited edition CD comes in a full color digipak with artwork by Jonathan Hawpe. Also available as a digital download.

Also, Magnet Magazine is having an online poll to vote for the your most anticipated release for next week in which The Young Scamels are included. To vote for them go here.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Trophy Wives release digital live album

Trophy Wives' set at their seven inch release show a couple weeks back was recorded for posterity. The band liked it so much they have made it a live album available for digital download at their bandcamp page. It's 17 songs for $5.