Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cerebellum review in Velocity

Cerebellum "Cerebellum"

Born as a punk band in the late 1980's, Cerebellum gained a huge following in Louisville before evolving into Crain, a math-rock/punk band that gained a similarly huge following. Crain still has its legion of followers - it's album "Speed" is still available via the Temporary Residence Limited label - but Cerebellum's music has faded, until now available as a few stray tracks on compilation CD's. Louisville's Noise Pollution Records is doing punks a favor by releasing this forceful anthology of pure punk rock - aggressive guitars, driving beats and Joey Mudd's shouted lyrics about teen life and angst. Not every song is a winner, but you'll understand why aging punks miss this band - and the world it inhabited - after listening to "House", "Calm" and "Crawl Out of the Water."

- Joseph Lord

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