Friday, November 5, 2010

More Shipping News news

Shipping News launched a brand new website (designed by Ron Jasin) this week which can be found at

More reviews of "One Less Heartless to Fear" are rolling in...

"Shipping News has returned with easily the most powerful album of its career"
Aided and Abetted

"a nasty, lo-fi, aggressive pummelling of the ears and brain"
Echoes and Dust

"uncompromisingly raw and lyrically lush"
Blow the Scene

"This newer assembly of songs shows the band at their most immediate state, almost completely contradicting their entire discography..."
Olive Music

"a gritty, crisp-sounding collection that sits brilliantly somewhere in-between Slint and Fugazi"
The Skinny

"it shows off not only the bands song writing, but their ability to perform their material with enough energy and passion that it comes across perfectly on a recording"
Tasty Fanzine

"In these days of post rock synthesis, it is refreshing to hear a band that kicks the proverbial ass"
Blue Bunny

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