Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May the 'Horse Be With You

RISE: A Louisville Lip Records Tribute to Kinghorse is now available at Earxtacy. It will also be on sale at this weekend's Endpoint reunion shows. The cross section of bands on this compilation is really a testament to the wide ranging influence of the 'Horse that is still being felt today. Lots of great stuff on here (especially NP's own Second Story Man, Straight A's and Glasspack!)

Complete Track Listing:
Scully - Awaken
Rude Weirdo - VS
E-Flat - Dogs at Play
Montag - What am I Supposed to Do?
Antikythera - Freeze (pre lp version)... See More
Stonecutters - Red
Second Story Man - Lay Down and Die
Catherine Irwin - Razor
Lords - Clayfist
Emperyan Asunder - Spinning
Straight A's - Charge!
Manson Family Feud - Brother Doubt
Absence of Faith - Greatest Gift
Brother Doubt - Freeze (lp version)
Black Church - Myth
Porosus - Seven Sisters
Glasspack - Going Home
+ one not so hidden extra track

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