Thursday, October 1, 2009

Evergreen wrap up

We wanted to thank everyone who came out to the Evergreen "Wholeness of the Soul" cd release show last month and helped make it such a memorable night. The Evergreen cd was a project 10 years in the making for us (16+ years if you want to go all the way back to when we used to go see them play in the early 1990's), so it was almost unbelieveable to us that it finally happened. Our hats are off to Troy Cox and Dave Pollard who both busted their asses getting back in fighting shape for this show. Their enthusiasm and support for the whole affair was infectious to everyone involved in putting the show and the cd together. And of course without the hard work and dedication of Sean Roberts, Greg Livingston and our own Nate Smallwood the show would not have been possible. Also special thanks need to go out to our friends Dave Johnson, Andrew Padon, Duncan Cherry, Greg Edwards and Brian Lueken for pitching in to help it all come together.

Video of Cinderblock Redux's set was recorded by several folks (including Jeff Polk who posted the above video) and apparently there is a good audio recording as well. There are plans to edit the audio and video recordings together and we look forward to seeing how that comes out. We'll post something here about it if it comes to fruition.

And finally, a couple of "Wholeness of the Soul" reviews have popped already at Leo and this blog out of Tennessee.

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